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Tips for Dodging Debris in the Road

July 10th, 2023 by

Avoid Debris to Help Avoid Damage to Your Vehicle Debris on the road is a driver’s worst nightmare. It can cause serious damage to your car, and it can even lead to an accident. Here are four tips for avoiding collision from debris. Be Aware of Your Surroundings The first step to avoiding collision with

I’ve Been in an Accident – What Do I Need to Do?

November 8th, 2022 by

What You Should Do After Being Involved in an Accident What to Do if You’ve Been Involved in an Accident Every driver’s top priority is to stay safe on the road. However, even if you are the most cautious driver on the road, accidents do happen. Car accidents are frightening and unforeseeable for any driver,

What to Look for in a Collision Repair Shop

September 7th, 2020 by

Remember, You Have a Choice! Accidents happen, which means you need a collision repair shop you can trust with your vehicle. If you’ve been involved in an auto collision, knowing which repair center to choose can make a massive difference in the quality of your auto repair. While selecting the best auto repair center for

What You Should Do After a Collision

February 13th, 2020 by

How To Handle A Crash As Best As Possible Xtreme Auto Collision in Raleigh, North Carolina, definitely has experience with collision repair, and they have heard their fair share of accident stories. Therefore, to make sure that you are safe after a car crash, here is a checklist of ten things you should do following

What to Look for in a Body Shop in Raleigh, NC

July 23rd, 2018 by

Finding the best body shop for your car’s repairs is not an easy decision. Your car is a major investment, one that deserves high quality work at honest and fair prices. So, whether your car needs a new fender or paint job, be smart and thorough in your search for a body shop in Raleigh,