What to Look for in a Body Shop in Raleigh, NC

Finding the best body shop for your car’s repairs is not an easy decision. Your car is a major investment, one that deserves high quality work at honest and fair prices. So, whether your car needs a new fender or paint job, be smart and thorough in your search for a body shop in Raleigh, NC. Trust your gut, and look for these 4 must-have qualities of a good body shop.

  1. A Good Reputation
    Ask around with friends and associates and check online reviews. A body shop that no one has heard of is a good indication that most drivers aren’t choosing it for their repair needs.

  2. Professional Staff
    A great body shop has knowledgeable technicians and friendly staff that are passionate about cars and helping their community of drivers. Look for a high level of professionalism and pride in a clean and up-to-date shop environment. Stop by their shop for a visit before committing and ask important questions. Can they work on your specific vehicle make and model? Do they use new or aftermarket parts in repairs? Staff members should be able to answer all of your concerns and offer helpful information.

  3. Credentials & Certifications
    Look for important automotive industry credentials and certifications that tell you a shop has earned the trust and loyalty of its customers with proper work. Are the technicians highly trained with special courses and ASE Certified? Do they meet national standards for competence with an Auto Collision Repair Certification? What other awards do they have? Perhaps a high Better Business Bureau rating for customer service or something for community service?

  4. Guarantees & Warranties
    The shop’s policies, guarantees and warranties should be thoroughly explained by a staff member before you make your final decision. A one-year warranty is the industry minimum, but beware of lifetime warranty offers that are unrealistic marketing tactics. What exactly does the shop’s warranty cover? Does the business have insurance coverage if there is an accident or theft while your vehicle is in the shop?

If you’ve been in an accident and need body repair, your insurance may help, but ultimately you are responsible for choosing a shop for repairs. These 4 features of a good body shop can be a great starting point when searching for a trustworthy team to take care of your car’s repairs. 

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