How to Safely Disinfect a Car Interior

Safe Cleaners to Use in Your Car Washing your hands and using disinfectants are two of the best ways to keep your hands clean regularly. But with the business of everyday life, it’s easy to forget to clean your hands after coming in contact with high-touch surfaces. With that, it’s essential to know how to

What You Should Do After a Collision

How To Handle A Crash As Best As Possible Xtreme Auto Collision in Raleigh, North Carolina, definitely has experience with collision repair, and they have heard their fair share of accident stories. Therefore, to make sure that you are safe after a car crash, here is a checklist of ten things you should do following

What You Should Expect From an Auto Detailing Center

Your Auto Spa Are you the type of person who wants a clean vehicle, but doesn’t want to clean it yourself? Or maybe you’re thinking about selling your car but need to make it presentable first. In either case, an auto spa can get your car in like-new condition with no effort on your part.

Car Detailing 101 in Raleigh, NC

Most people wouldn’t live in a house that wasn’t kept clean, so why shouldn’t your car’s cleanliness meet the same standard? Sure, you might run your car through the occasional car wash and vacuum out the interior, but when was the last time your car was really, really cleaned? Accumulations of dirt and dust are more

What to Look for in a Body Shop in Raleigh, NC

Finding the best body shop for your car’s repairs is not an easy decision. Your car is a major investment, one that deserves high quality work at honest and fair prices. So, whether your car needs a new fender or paint job, be smart and thorough in your search for a body shop in Raleigh,

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Paint Job

To paint, or not to paint? So it seems you’ve already thought about getting a paint job for your car if you’ve ended up here with us, and we’re glad you’re doing your research! Paint jobs are a big move, and involve lots of big decisions to be made. You’ve reached the experts here at

Why We Use Xtreme9h®

It’s obvious that we want our customers to leave completely satisfied with the paint jobs, detailing and other services we provide for them, so to make sure that happens we only use the best products to back up our work. One of our favorite products we pride ourselves in using is the Xtreme9h® premium glass