It’s Essential to Wash Your Car in the Winter

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While Raleigh residents don’t need to fear severe blizzards, our area does get its fair share of winter weather. And while it may seem tempting to put off washing your vehicle until the warmer days of spring arrive, winter washes are crucial for your car’s wellbeing. Are you still on the fence about washing your ride during the cold season? The auto spa specialists at Xtreme Auto Collision in Raleigh, North Carolina, are here to change your mind. Here’s why you need to wash your car in the winter.

Boosts Your Car’s Beauty for the Long Run

In order to keep your vehicle looking stunning for years to come, you need to wash it regularly. Putting car washes on the back burner until spring can let dust, dirt, and debris build up on your vehicle’s paint, windows, and exterior lights. In order to combat the crud, regular washes are in order.

Increases Visibility

As winter approaches, the days will get darker quicker. Moreover, dead leaves and sap from trees will fall onto your windshield and severely obstruct your vision. While your wipers will come in handy for clearing away rain, snow, sleet, and even those pesky dead leaves, sap and other sticky substances may stay stuck. In order to maintain a crystal-clear view of the road ahead, it’s essential to regularly wash your car all winter long. If you don’t want to do the washing work, let Xtreme Collision Repair do it for you! Our auto spa services give your car the TLC it needs and deserves. Call us to book your appointment now!

Removes the Salt and Rust

While salt on the highways will keep you safe when you’re behind the wheel, it can also damage your car’s paint. Road salt can cause your vehicle to rust and result in severe body damage. To stop your car from rusting, you need to regularly wash the tires, bumpers, undercarriage, and wheel wells.

To keep your car looking fresh and fabulous all season long, book an auto spa appointment at Xtreme Auto Collision in Raleigh, North Carolina, today! Call us now at 919-874-6334 to effortlessly clean your car!

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