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Most Raleigh drivers take great pride in the appearance of their vehicles. A lustrous shine and flawless paint job will also boost a car’s resale value. In order to keep your car looking as pristine as the day it left the showroom floor, you should only take it to a professional car detailing team. Though it may seem tempting to save money by taking your car to an amateur detailer, it will end up costing you more in the long run. The experienced technicians at Xtreme Auto Collision in Raleigh, North Carolina, are here to explain why it’s so crucial to only get your car detailed by a professional.

White-Gloved Car Care

When some people think about a car dealing shop, a production line service may come to mind where a car is roughly scrubbed with scratchy brushes. However, nothing is further from the truth when you visit a professional auto spa. At Xtreme Auto Collision, our professional detailing services go far beyond a car wash. Our technicians go to great lengths to preserve your vehicle’s surface, including the paint, wheels, and glass with an effective protectant. This protects your car from damaging bird bombs, bug splatter, and even small scratches.

Professional Detailers are Industry Experts

When you take your car to a professional car detailing facility, you can rest easy knowing that it will be worked on by a team of highly skilled professionals that deeply care for your car. At Xtreme Auto Collision, our technicians go through rigorous training to ensure they’re delivering superior results. The same cannot be said about a traditional commercial car wash.

Enjoy a Higher Resale Value

When the time comes to sell your car, you want it to look its best. A well-maintained car with pristine paint has a higher resale value than a vehicle with dings, dents, and scratches. By regularly taking your car to a professional detailer, you’ll get more money when you finally decide to sell.

If you’re looking for a professional car detailer in Raleigh, North Carolina, look no further than Xtreme Auto Collision. Call us today at 919-874-6334 to learn more.

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