Why We Use Xtreme9h®

It’s obvious that we want our customers to leave completely satisfied with the paint jobs, detailing and other services we provide for them, so to make sure that happens we only use the best products to back up our work. One of our favorite products we pride ourselves in using is the Xtreme9h® premium glass coating, and here is why:

It lasts longer than waxing

Chances are if you’re looking at articles related to body paint and detailing, you care about the longevity and overall well-being of your vehicle. You care about is as much as we do! Xtreme9h® is a more permanent alternative to waxing. If you’re trying to protect your paint while adding shine, waxing is handy but can need to be repeated up to 4 times a year to maintain the protection you’re looking for. With Xtreme9h®, you can achieve that protection and more for up to 5 years with just one application! Why waste all that time waxing when you can just do it once and relax?

Highly protective results

The primary use of car wax it to protect your body’s paint from dust and other debris that may scratch it when trying to remove the dirt. Xtreme9h® isn’t a wax, it’s a glass coating that protects the paint job from dirt, debris and much more! It can prevent damage from UV light, scratches, bugs, bird droppings, road tar and brake dust. On top of the protection, it will leave your car with a deep glossy finish, looking like it just pulled out of the dealership lot. Even better, Xtreme9h® actually repels dirt, grime, and water meaning that you won’t need to wash your car as often, and rain will bead off the windshield for better visibility.

Anyone can use it

Xtreme9h® is user-friendly. While our experts have lots of experience using Xtreme9h® and love applying it to customer vehicles, this product is not limited to shop use. You could do it yourself in your own garage if you really wanted to. It requires a 3-step process that creates a chemical bond to your car’s paint, filling in the microscopic holes in the paint as it hardens. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, feel free to swing by the shop and pick yours up.

To put it frankly, Xtreme9h® is the best body paint protecting product available seeing as it protects from so many dangers while also being user-friendly. At Xtreme Auto Collision Repair and Auto Spa, we promise to provide only the best services with the best products. Let us know about any questions you might have about Xtreme9h® and we are happy to help.

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