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ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, which play an integral role in the safety and protection of drivers who own newer vehicles. These systems may not be noticeable when you first enter your car, but they are hard at work during the operation of your vehicle to ensure that certain components perform specific tasks either in the case of an emergency or during regular driving. Xtreme Auto Collision in Raleigh, North Carolina, has the training and equipment to calibrate these systems after a collision.

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

How ADAS Helps

Most vehicles are equipped with standard safety features such as airbags that come with delicate sensors so that they know when to deploy. In more modern vehicles, you'll find additional features such as blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, adaptive lighting and cruise control, collision warning, and even night vision. These systems are designed to act as a silent 'backseat driver' and can alert you when something isn't quite right. For example, if you begin to drift off during a long drive, your lane departure warnings will go off to let you know that you're nearing the center or outside lines on the road and need to return to a safer position.

These systems use a series of small cameras and sensors to detect abnormalities in driving patterns to keep you safe. Some will trigger the vehicle to perform certain actions, such as lowering high-beam headlights automatically (adaptive headlights), or automatically decreasing speed when approaching the vehicle in front of you (adaptive cruise control). These tasks are completed by the car itself, freeing the driver to focus solely on the road ahead. Our team at Xtreme Auto Collision in Raleigh, North Carolina, are leaders in ADAS calibration, and will always make sure that they're performing as intended.

A Lot Can Happen During A Collision

When a vehicle collides with another object, these delicately calibrated systems can become jarred and malfunction. If sensors are disrupted, it can lead to serious safety issues for the driver and passengers because the car may act irregularly and perform tasks at the wrong times. You certainly wouldn't want to unleash the blinding light of your high-beams on an oncoming driver! ADAS systems need to be recalibrated or even replaced in the event of a collision, and our team of certified technicians is among the leaders in ADAS calibration. We'll review all of your vehicles important safety systems to ensure that everything is as it should be, and on par with the recommendations and requirements from your vehicle's manufacturer. When we install new components for these systems, we use only genuine OEM parts so that your ADAS matches the same quality it left the factory with.

Don't Take A Chance After A Collision

To ensure that you and your passengers stay safe out there, let us help you confirm that your ADAS are working properly after an unfortunate accident. Please call us at 919-874-6334 to schedule an appointment at our Raleigh, North Carolina location.