Window Tint in Raleigh, NC

Reduce Glare And Keep Your Interior Safe -- Xtreme Auto Collision

Window tinting provides a few key solutions for your vehicle that can help increase the life of certain components and save you some cash as well. At Xtreme Auto Collision, we offer tinting on all makes and models of vehicles whether your goal is to protect your car or simply have it look great while cruising the streets of Raleigh, North Carolina. Many drivers will choose to have window tint installed to help reduce glare from the sun while driving. Window tint acts as an excellent sun blocker and can provide significant assistance to those with more eye sensitivity. Aside from the driver, tint can also protect the interior of a car from direct sunlight, reducing fading and cracking of seats, dashboards, and other interior panels. It’s also likely that you’ve heard the term “limo tint” referring to very dark tint applied to vehicles where the driver or passengers may be looking for a little more privacy. Darker tint can act as a security feature, shielding the contents of your car from the view of others. Regardless of why you want window tint for your vehicle, Xtreme Auto Collision can provide high-quality tint solutions.

Choosing The Right Tint For Your Vehicle

When deciding on what tint you want, there are several factors to consider. There are many colors and shades to choose from, but also different types. If your goal is to reduce glare and protect your eyes, your best bet would be to select a non-reflective dyed tint for the best results. If you want to shield your vehicle from sun damage or create additional privacy, you'll want to pick a metallic reflective hue that will redirect sunlight away from the car. It's important to consider that sometimes metallic tint can interfere with mobile phones or GPS equipment, so be sure to have all the information before making your decision. In terms of quality, there are a few different levels as well. A basic tint can be less expensive but may need more frequent replacement. A higher-end tint may cost more initially, but will typically last much longer and provide higher heat rejection with a lower discoloration rate.

Avoid Bubbles And Let Us Do The Work

For a quality tinting service, your best bet is to trust our expert installers at Xtreme Auto Collision. We have the knowledge and specific tools to ensure a smooth, seamless tint installation every time so that your car will look great and stay protected. To get started give us a call at 919-874-6334 to schedule an appointment at our shop located in Raleigh, North Carolina at 4805 Hargrove Road and we'll look after you personally.