3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Paint Job

To paint, or not to paint?

So it seems you’ve already thought about getting a paint job for your car if you’ve ended up here with us, and we’re glad you’re doing your research! Paint jobs are a big move, and involve lots of big decisions to be made. You’ve reached the experts here at Xtreme Auto Collision & Auto Spa. We know paint jobs inside and out, and we want to give you a few pointers on what to consider before you get your paint job.

What type of paint job do you want?

So here we start with what type of paint you even want to get. There are several types of paint to choose from (Solid paint, Metallic, Pearlescent, etc) and then on top of that you have to consider what kind of finish you’d like. You also need to know that when it comes to paint jobs, you get what you pay for. If shop A is offering your work for $600 and shop B is offering you one for $1,200, chances are shop A wouldn’t be giving you the best quality work like shop B would. So, if you are planning on buying a paint job for as cheap as possible, be aware that you might not be happy with the end result.

What’s the difference between a good or bad paint job

Obvious components that differentiate the two, are the skill level of the painter and then the different types of products and painting systems used to get the job done. Most shops will have at someone with the right level of skill, but it never hurts to dig deeper and find more information on the subject. Another thing that many people don’t know is that the main component that differentiates good and bad paint jobs is the amount of prep time that occurs before the car is painted. A good painter will put in about 10 hours of prepping for each hour they spend actually painting

What does a good prep job (before the paint job) consist of?

In short, the answer is sanding. Lots and lots of sanding. Good shops will also dismantle the pieces of your car that don’t need paint on them instead of just putting masking tape on and trusting that to do the job.

Investing in a paint job is a bigger decision than most people realize and should be considered and researched before you decide to go with the first shop you find. If you’re in the Raleigh area and considering a paint job, or just have further questions about them, feel free to contact us at Xtreme Auto Collision & Auto Spa. We are happy to help!

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