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Carpet Shampooing & Upholstery Cleaning

Cleanliness is probably the number factor when admiring one’s vehicle. On one hand, it goes a long way in covering up many vehicle deficiencies. But on the other hand, a dirty vehicle will negate all the quality and advantage of a high-end automobile. Xtreme Auto Spa in Raleigh, NC handles all of the cleaning services that keep you on the road looking good. Better than that, you’ll be feeling good too. The inside of your vehicle will have a brand new aroma, free of all the years of fast food, foot traffic, carpet stains, mildew, and much more. Let us perform the vacuuming, upholstery cleaning, vinyl/plastic cleaning, shampooing, window cleaning, and complete detailing services that you need. The Xtreme Auto Spa is the destination that every vehicle owner should know about. It’s not just for vehicles that have received a full body restoration, but also for every vehicle that is in need of a thorough cleaning service.